I'm Moving Back to Minnesota

...and I'm so freakin' excited.

Two Harbors, Minnesota c.2011

I'm excited to finally announce that we're moving home. Well, back to where I'm from. Brian's from Anaheim, so he's really just going back. It wasn't easy coming to this decision. We almost moved to Kansas City, but that's a different story. There's a whole post on the why we decided to go back (after swearing we never would) and the realization that it was the right move, and I promise, I'll do it, but right now I want to talk about exciting things. Here's what has got me the most excited about moving back:

Slowing Down. In Southern California your speed is set at 90 mph or faster and never slows down. Everyone has an agenda that is more important than yours and no one has enough time in the day to get it all day (people also have entitlement issues). Minnesota's life-speed is set at a solid 55 miles per hour and man will it be great to slow down. Fun story: every time Brian and I went home, by day two we were looking at each other asking ourselves 'what exactly we did while we were there...'.

Shopping. You'd think that SoCal has Minnesota beat for shopping and really, it does, but when your bestie (and personal fashion guru) lives in Minnesota and shops at Minnesota boutiques, shopping becomes an online-only experience. I'll be excited to actually get to try on clothes again.

The Proximity to Missouri. This might seem like a weird one, but my favorite place in the whole world is Southern Missouri for several reasons and not being able to get in the car and drive there in a moments notice has effected me in ways I didn't think it would. I can not wait for the first time we make the drive and I turn on to that country highway surrounded by nothing but open farmland. Back in the day I used to run down in my little sports car and I'd hit that country road at about 90 mph. It should have taken me about an hour to get from the freeway to my destination. I could do it in 30 minutes flat.

Christmas. Christmas without snow is not the same. In fact, there is no Christmas like a Christmas in the mid-west. You just haven't experienced Christmas unless you've been there. The hot cocoa, the cookies, the food in general. I'm so excited that my daughter gets to know Christmas's like this and not the half-assed version we've experienced in California.

No Longer Living In the Desert. I've learned a lot living in the desert (and I assure you, that's what SoCal is). I've learned that you have to start saving for your electric bill in July back in February and that you're pretty much hot from May through October. I used to this remote start on cars was an essential for warming up your car, but I've since learned it's required to cool down your car before you get in. 120 degrees is really hot, and there are days when your bedroom stays 80+ degrees because your A/C, no matter how great it is, just can't keep up.

To say I'm excited to get back to Minnesota might be a bit of an understatement, but really, I can't help it.


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  1. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm glad I stopped by and I look forward to seeing what life is like in Minnesota! :)


    1. Thanks for visiting! We'll be having lots of adventures right off the bat so stay tuned!!

  2. Congrats on moving back home. I went and moved across the country but ended back home after 10 years away and there is really nothing like home!


  3. That is really exciting! I live not too far from where I grew up, so in some ways it seems like I never left, but we live in the city now vs. the more rural areas where I grew up - so I can totally relate to what you mean about life slowing down. It is really nice and refreshing!

  4. I grew up in northern Iowa. Just got back from a trip home and I'm asking myself why I left. I cannot get the Mid-West out of my system. You are making the best decision. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you! It's been a breath of fresh air for sure.


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