Little Black Makeup Wipe

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If you watch my Instastories (which you really should, I'm hilarious) you'd know that I picked up these makeup remover wipes a few weeks ago. I thought it looked really interesting and innovative, and I'd never seen anything like it. Which is tough to do in the makeup wipe business.

Plus, I really like YesTo products.

But anyways....

I took these home and thought I'd give them a shot. My first impression was that these wipes were kind of rough on my skin. I'm used to something like the Ponds wipes where they're nice and soft, and don't really do any major exfoliating, but these were different. Definitely a rougher feel to them. They did a pretty good job of removing my face and eye makeup, but I have found that they do not do much for mascara. If you want to make sure your lashes are clear, you'll need to use an eye makeup remover like this one.

To say I was skeptical of how they managed to infuse charcoal into a wipe would be an understatement. I really thought this was a little gimmicky, but if I liked the wipe, who cares? Newsflash: there's definitely charcoal in these bad boys. These wipes leave my skin feeling surprisingly refreshed and tingly. You can absolutely tell there's charcoal in this, no question. If I wasn't sure after one use, now that I've used them pretty steadily for two weeks, my skin is no joke clearer than it has been in a long time. I used to have bumps along the bottom of my jawline of clogged pores, now? Gone. I have changed nothing else. I'm hooked. These are a total win. I think they'd work for any skin type, even sensitive skin. I truly love these and they've found a spot in my everyday routine. Bonus: They're drugstore....yas!

PS I also love the Ole Hendrickson wipes available at Sephora. Kind of a 180 from the charcoal wipes, but I like them pretty equally.  You case you were wondering.


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  1. These look cool! I so want to try them!

    1. They are rather neat. I definitely didn't expect them to work as well as they do.

  2. Thanks for sharing these wipes! I use wipes every night so I need to check these charcoal ones out.

  3. I am very interested in trying these. Thank you for the review on them.


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