What I Learned From 31 Days of Yoga

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I Need a New Yoga Mat. I discovered early on (day 5 to be exact) that I need a new yoga mat. The $20 version I got from Dick's Sporting Good's has done me well for the last year and a half or so, but when I got serious about yoga, I got seriously annoyed with all the slipping, sliding, and stretching of the mat. I did some shopping and found the one that I'm going to get (I have not pulled the plug on this yet). It ain't cheap, but it's worth it.

It's Not Easy Showing Up Everyday. Those first days were easy. By about day 9 or 10 it was hard to make time. Especially with a newborn that had decided napping just wasn't for her and a husband who works 10+ hours a day, not including the commute. But, it was around this same time that I noticed my abs (which were non-existent) had starting showing up for work again and my tummy wasn't sticking out as much. #TotallyWorthIt

Yoga Actually Does Make You Happy. No joke, by day 13 I was downright giddy. I knew something was up when I looked at my Twitter feed on day 12 and laughed at gif's until I cried. There was a good set up about spider's and boutique dresses, but no one else thought they were that funny. I laughed easier, and felt lighter even though we're going through some huge life changes right now that are enough to make anyone stressed.

Insta-Tone is a Thing. Your body is an amazing thing. When I got pregnant back in September of 2016, I had some decent tone in my arms (I was just beginning to work on the triceps) and calves that wouldn't quit. Within three weeks becoming pregnant, I got that shot of progesterone you get and just like that: gone. I was softer, less toned, and things became harder to do. By day 11 my arms were getting better, and then during a down-dog I saw my calves and got excited. My body had begun to snapback. God love it.

I Need New Deodorant. This may be an overshare, but really...it's a blog about my life, you get it alll here. Anyways, about day 16, I had begun to realize that my fave deodorant was no longer cutting it. I chalk this up not to yoga per-say but working out every day warmed my body up and because I'm currently living on the sun I stayed that way. Half the way through the day it was time of reapply, so I amped up and got this deodorant instead.

Life Gets In the Way. Day 20 is the day I missed. I wanted to, I had every intention of doing it, but when it came down to actually do it, I realized I had missed my opportunity....at 7am in the morning. Life is going to get in the way, but the important thing is that the next day, I showed up on the mat ready to work. And I did.

I'm going to begin my next 31 Days of Yoga shortly! Be sure to follow along on Insta-stories!


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