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As I write this, I'm laying belly-down on an air mattress in what will be the last night living in Southern California. To say I'm feeling nostalgic would be a bit of an understatement, and I've got a truck-load of nervous energy to burn off, so, I thought I would put together a few of my favorite tips and tricks of moving (and trust me, I've done this a few times)...

The Mail.
Do yourself a favor, begin forwarding your mail days ahead of time (if you can). As you're moving, the last thing you want to think about is arriving mail and checking the mailbox. Not to mention, you won't have anywhere to put the mail anyways. Forwarding your mail is easy, just head to

Emptying out your closet can be the most confusing part of actually moving. How do you make sure you have clothes to wear? What clothes will you actually wear? Is it like packing for vacation? What do you do with the dirty clothes? Let's start off basic and say, the first part of this is going through all of your clothes and getting rid of what doesn't fit, you don't wear, or is just plain old garbage. From there, separate out your favorite pieces and edit it down to a couple bottoms, a few tops, PJ's, and your undies. To pack, utilize your drawers as much as possible and when you run out of room there, hang everything. Buy yourself a couple wardrobe boxes and pack your clothes that way (you should utilize the bottom and sides of the wardrobe boxes for shoes, pillows, umbrella's, and anything else awkward in size). Zip tie remaining hangars together and shove them down the sides.

Mattresses & Furniture.
The best thing to do for your mattresses and is to make sure that every one has a mattress cover and then purchase a mattress cover for it (you can buy them from Amazon). For items like your sofa, don't bother with any sort of plastic cover, your moving company (if you have one) will wrap it in clean movers blankets. Any light covered furniture should be covered with a plastic cover (we got this one from Amazon). The biggest tip here is to set yourself up for success. If, when you purchase the item (like say a crib mattress) and it comes in a plastic covering that can be re-used, KEEP IT. We did this for all of the babies items, including her changing pad, crib mattress, activity decision ever.

This is the most strategic part of moving. The best thing to do is start about a month prior to the move date. Start by going through your pantry and refrigerator and getting rid of expired items or items you know you won't be using. Keep your meals simple, and begin trying to use everything you own. You should focus on the frozen items and then make your way to the pantry items (like random cans of soup, etc.).

The important thing during a move, regardless of the size, is to remember to give yourself a reprieve. The Sunday before Brian and I moved back to Minnesota we did nothing but watch football and hang out. We needed this. It allowed us to hit it hard on Monday (aka the day before the move) with a clear idea of what needed to be done. Having said this, if you find yourself needing to pack something (which might actually happen) allow yourself to do it. Half way through the day, Brian and I found ourselves packing a suitcase. We packed it, and then sat back down on the couch.

Moving is straight up hard. It doesn't matter where you're going, or how many times you've done it, it just plain sucks. Hopefully, by minding a few of these tips, you'll have a smoother ride the next time you find yourself facing a moving truck.

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  1. Thank you, Honey, good advice. Jim is leaving CA next Tuesday, 7:00 am. Expects to be here on Friday. I have done as much as I can here in AR. It is beautiful, I love it and I know Jim will also. we are taking a wall down and shoring up another wall, painting, etc. It will take us a year to get organized. Send pictures of the little doll and your new place, etc. xooxoxxo


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